Contractor Introduction





Designers, architects and engineers need just one piece of information, to enable water submetering. Instead of multiple water entries, water to each rental unit should be supplied with a single point of water supply, On the CONTRACTORS menu above, click the second choiceTo Enable Water Submetering to get started, or simply click here.




General contractors are responsible for supervision of the plumber. Contractors should first click here and review the 9 Steps to Submetering Success. In particular, contractors should make certain the meter flow tubes are installed such that the meter head will face upward and all the clearance requirements will be met when meters are ultimately attached to flow tubes. The clearance requirements are covered in Water Meter Clearance Drawings on the Plumbers Menu (found on the CONTRACTORS menu above). Click here to view them.


Two other responsibilities of the General Contractor are to make necessary arrangements for an internet connection or a dedicated phone line as soon as possible, and in some cases, to install a small number of radio repeaters around the property. You will be notified if repeater installation is required, and the location at which the internet or phone line must be installed. Repeater installation instructions can be found on the CONTRACTORS menu above.




Plumbers, click on the Plumber's Menu under CONTRACTORS (menu,

above) and carefully review all the documents. Click here to get started and pay very close attention to 9 Steps to Submetering Success.

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