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Flexible Axis Water Meters

Flexible Axis Water Meter

The Flexible Axis Water Meter (FAM), with its integrated pulsing head and radio frequency (RF) transmitter, is the heart of the Invoice America water submetering system.


Flexible Axis Water Meters feature removable Flow Tubes made either from brass, for jurisdictions where copper water pipes are required, or a durable polymer for those jurisdictions that permit the use of PEX or other plastic water piping.


Shown above to the left with its Flow Tube separated and capped, the removable Flow Tube offers a variety of advantages. Once installed, the capped Flow Tube (with the meter head temporarily removed as shown) permits the plumbing to be flushed of debris and tested for leaks. As shown to the lower left, its flexible configuration permits the water supply pipe to be plumbed in either a horizontal or a vertical orientation, while still permitting the meter body and its face to remain upright, as required.


The turbine-type multijet FAM meter meets or exceeds ANSI/AWWA C708 and NSF/ANSI Standard 61. It offers enhanced accuracy and extended life compared to to single jet meters and is available with an optional brass flow tube.

FAM Water Meter Data Sheet


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