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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Invoice America?

Invoice America is a 3rd party billing company that works with your apartment community to bill its residents for their utility usage including services such as gas, water, electricity, sewer, trash and more.


Why am I being billed?

The owner of your apartment community has chosen to have the residents pay for their individual utilities usage and as a result, this keeps overall costs down and promotes conservation.


How often will I be billed?

Bills are typically generated on a monthly basis. Please contact Invoice America's Customer Service by calling 800.228.3400 or emailing customerservice@invoiceamerica.net for information on your specific billing cycle.


Who should I contact if I have questions about my utility bill sent by Invoice America?

Please contact Invoice America's Customer Service by calling 800.228.3400 or emailing customerservice@invoiceamerica.net for information.


How does Invoice America calculate my bill if there is not an individual meter in place?

Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) is an allocation option when a community does not have meters installed in the individual apartment units. Utility consumption is calculated using a formula to determine each resident's utility bills. The formula is usually based on information about your community, residents and utility usage and or other criteria, such as square footage, number of occupants, number of water fixtures in the apartment unit, etc.


What is the account setup fee?

Invoice America's account setup fee is a one-time charge to the resident for establishing their account. The account setup fee is typically included with each resident's first monthly Invoice America bill.


What is the service fee on the Invoice America monthly statement?

The monthly service fee included on your Invoice America statement is a fee that covers the cost of maintaining your Invoice America account.


Are there any late charges?

A late fee will be charged to your Invoice America account if your payment is not received by the payment due date noted on your statement. For accurate and timely posting to your account, please use the payment coupon and remittance envelope enclosed with your statement and write your account number on your check or money order.


Are there any returned check fees?

Returned check fees follow different rules and regulations relative to the state in which you reside. The most common bank NSF charge is $30.00. However, your charge may differ.


What are my payment options?

Please review your statement. If you receive a statement from Invoice America that specifies payment is to be made to your property, please consult with your property manager about what payment options they accept.


Otherwise, if you receive a statement from Invoice America that specifies payment is to be made to Invoice America, checks and money orders may be mailed to the remittance address indicated on your bill. For a convenience fee, you may make an online credit or debit card payment with Visa or MasterCard. You may also pay by phone by calling 800.228.3400; there is also  convenience fee for this service.


Automatic payment from your checking or savings account (ACH) is available. Click here for the required form and complete info.

Why can't I close my Invoice America account?

Invoice America requires your property manager to authorize all account closures. If you need to have your account closed due to an upcoming 'move out', please contact your property and your manager will contact us regarding this request.


How soon after I move-in will I receive my bill?

Utilities are typically billed after the fact since our billing cycle follows that of the local utility provider. For example, a billing statement mailed to a resident in June normally reflects usage for the previous month of May. When Invoice America begins billing, you can expect us regularly to bill between 1 and 2 months in arrears.

What usage cycle will I be billed for?

The usage cycle for billing varies for each apartment complex and is based upon the local utility company’s normal billing cycle. Billing statements are generated on the utility company’s billing cycle. Please contact Invoice America by calling 800.228.3400 or emailing customerservice@Invoice America.net for more information on your specific billing cycle.


Are there ways to reduce my usage?

Yes, Invoice America provides residents access to English and Spanish versions of Invoice America's conservation brochure which has many energy and cost-savings tips. Click here for other utility conservation suggestions.. 


How are individual meters read?

If you have a meter in your apartment, and you are set up to be billed based on your actual meter reading, in most cases, Invoice America captures data from individual meters through a wireless meter reading network. This data is transmitted from a computer chip within the meter and is transferred to a host system via modem. Daily meter readings are captured and retained by Invoice America as a record of each resident’s daily consumption.


Why is my water bill higher than last month?

This may be due to several factors, such as increased usage (i.e. more showers, baths, etc.). The bill period may be longer than your previous billing, or it is possible that you have a water leak, such as a stuck toilet flapper. If the increase is significant, you may want to request your apartment community's maintenance staff to check your apartment unit for a possible leak.


Who do I inform about my Move-in or Move-out?

Please notify your apartment community manager. They are responsible for opening and closing your Invoice America account. The community staff will advise Invoice America of your moving dates, and we will open or close your account accordingly.


How far in advance should Invoice America be made aware of my Move-out?

Notifying your community management staff of your intent to vacate is sufficient notice for Invoice America. In most cases, your final Invoice America payment will be collected by the apartment community staff.


Do I need a utility deposit?

No additional deposit is required by Invoice America, however, some properties require a utility deposit. A lease, lease addendum or appropriate signed document is required to start service and obligates you to pay for utilities. A utility deposit, if any, charged by your property will be contained in that language. Generally, any deposits can be applied to any outstanding balance on your final bill when you move out. 


How much water does the average person use at home per day?

Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80 - 100 gallons of water per day. The largest use of household water is flushing the toilet, after that, showering or bathing.

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