Omaha Utility Submetering

Invoice America offers a variety of products, including true meter-based submetering and Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) billing services to meet the utility cost/conservation needs of any property. Water submeters, equipped with wireless meter reading capability, are installed to allow for daily monitoring of water consumption in each unit. Other products offered include gas submeters, elapsed time monitors and other specialized equipment designed to monitor a variety of utilities. 


Invoice America also offers a web based billing system with many customizable options. Including the choice of payment processing by Invoice America, monthly resident bills are sent via US Mail, with a return envelope to accept check or money order payments, or paperless with e-billing. Other features include real-time online account access with direct deposit, e-checks or credit card payments available. Reliable customer service is a top priority at Invoice America.


Our natural resources are valuable, and we strive to ensure that conservation, whether of water, gas or both, is a priority. Studies show that customers responsible for payment of utilities consume roughly 30% less resources than non-paying neighbors, and those savings flow through to your property!


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Invoice America Is A Multi-Discipline Billing And Submetering Company Providing Utility Monitoring Solutions Across The Nation.

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*Regulations and laws are constantly changing, please contact us for the most recent laws pertaining to RUBS and Submetering in Omaha.

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