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Print Monthly Reports

Step-by-step Instructions

1. Type into the URL box of your web browser

2. Click the Login button on the PROPERTY TOOLS page

3. Enter your username and password on the Community Managers Login page

4. Click the Login button

5. Select the desired property from the Select Community pull down menu

6. Click Go

7. Hover the mouse cursor over the Community Home drop down menu

8. Click Reports Portal



9. Click on the desired report

    a. Click FIN166 for a Monthly Remittance Summary

    b. Click BIL112, Bil113 and FIN163 for an A/R Summary

10. Enter the desired report dates

11. You may uncheck any undesired report columns

12. Click the Run Report button to view the PDF version of the report

13. Click the X on the report tab at the top of the page to exit

14. Click Community Web under the Switch Web drop down menu to return home

15. That's it. You're done generating your report

Over 40 years experience specializing in multifamily utility cost allocations.

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