More information about our cutting edge radio technology

Authorized Inovonics Service Provider. Over two million apartments use state-of-art Inovonics wireless meter reading and utility monitoring products. The Inovonics 900MHz EchoStream network utilizes a unique frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology to meet the demands of an increasingly crowded wireless world.


A compact transmitter is attached to each water meter. The pulsing head of each water meter is wired to the compact, self-contained transmitter that converts the meter reading into a digitized signal for RF transmission. Its long-life lithium ion battery provides many years of dependable service. The low-power transmission requires no individual FCC registration.


Repeaters boost RF signals. Compact, unobtrusive repeaters go unnoticed plugged into ordinary AC outlets in halls or utility rooms strategically placed around the property. Repeaters receive and verify signals from the low-power transmitters and re-transmit the signals for reception by the single data receiver located in the clubhouse or other central location.


Central data collector. One centrally-located data collector, and its associated receiver (essentially a smart antenna) collects and holds the metered consumption data for an entire property. Typically located in the utility room where the phone service enters the property, known as the demarc location, the data collector is connected either to a dedicated analog phone line or to the internet. Daily interrogation by the Invoice America centrally-located data facility in Omaha, Nebraska downloads all collected data.


Monthly billing and available payment processing.. Invoice America processes the consumption data for thousands of apartments and immediately notifies properties anytime there’s a water leak, tamper detection or low battery. Individual tenant bills are printed and mailed, and, optionally, payments are accepted and reimbursed by Invoice America to the property. When payments are processed by Invoice America, tenants have perception similar to payment of their other utilities...that is payment to an independent third party...not payment to the property.


Over 30 years experience specializing in multifamily utility cost allocations