Steps to Sucessful Water Submetering

1. Use a single pipe to supply water to the apt

2. Put the meter where it's accessible

Put the meter in the utility closet somewhere accessible, in case the meter ever has to be replaced or repaired. Allow sufficient space between the meter and the ceiling for visualization of the meter face so the meter can be read manually from above when needed.

3. Use either a horizontal or vertical feed

A horizontal pipe is customary, but because the meter head can be rotated, either a horizontal or a vertical water feed pipe can be used.

4. Observe water flow direction arrow

Make certain the flow tube is installed so water flows in the direction of the flow arrow on the body of the flow tube.

5. Install the flow tube with the cap pointing to either the right or left side

Install the flow tube with the cap pointing toward one side or the other as shown above (not pointing toward the ceiling or the floor). Consider where the meter will be placed and where it will have adequate clearance to determine to which side the flow tube cap should be oriented.

6. Meter face MUST point to ceiling

Whether a horizontal or vertical feed pipe is used, the top of the meter (the meter's face) must ultimately be horizontal and point upward toward the ceiling for accurate meter operation.

7. Make absolutely certain you have the right meter

Make absolutely certain you know which apartment you're in and that you have selected the meter designated for that apartment. Installation of the proper meter is essential to the project. Peel off the address label on the radio enclosure and put it on the designated line of the Installer's Onsite Report.

8. Tell the general contractor NOT to use a digital phone line

A central data collector will be installed adjacent to the telephone demarc box, as shown above. It MUST be connected either to the internet or an analog (not a digital) phone line. Internet connection is preferred, but, if a phone line will be used, make sure it's an analog line (often called a POTS line for Plain Old Telephone Service), not a digital line. Inovonics data collectors do not work with digital phone lines.

9. Review Master Meter's detailed instructions

Carefully review the detailed online Master Meter Installation Instructions by clicking the link below.

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