Why Invoice America?

Not too big...not too small. Invoice America is capable of meeting the needs of even the largest apartment complexes and serves accounts ranging from less than a dozen to many thousand units. Our well-trained and experienced service personnel have been providing customers with prompt, courteous, individual customer service since 1981.


You won’t have to tell us twice. Unlike some providers who may have grown too fast, you won’t have to ask us to change a name or an address three and four times before we get it right.


Software independence. Invoice America’s web-based software programs work with all property management accounting packages. Our unique, simple-to-use export generator structures customized exports that work with any property management software that accepts standard ASCII, CSV or XML imports. And, yes, software independence means you won’t be tied to one specific property management package as your needs change and software evolves.


Dependable payment processing. In over thirty years, we have never missed a monthly billing for any of our accounts. That’s right, we’ve never missed a monthly billing. Our optional payment processing includes a wide variety of payment options for tenants, and provides prompt, reliable remittance of monies collected from your tenants to the property each and every month.


Constancy and stability. Invoice America guarantees the lowest setup and the lowest billing fees in the industry, and in over twenty years, our fee increases have never exceeded the cost-of-living index, typically less than 2% per year. We also provide higher utility cost recoveries, nearly 100% of a property’s utility expenses are recovered, significantly higher than other Read-Bill-Collect companies.

Over 30 years experience specializing in multifamily utility cost allocations